Public Speaking

When I was in middle school and high school I used to get extremely nervous before and during presentaions. It would be so bad that when I started talking I would turn bright red and my hands would begin to shake. I would be so concerned about how nervous I was, that it would cause me to create the mistakes I was nervous about making. Things changed  when I attended community college and took several theater courses. I learned that the only thing that could affect my performance was myself. When I approached the performance with confidence and focused on what I was saying instead of worrying about the audience, my nervousness greatly diminished. It is important to remember that public speaking ranks as one of the top fears people have, and everyone is nervous this helps me remain calm. Another great thing about our upcoming presentation for this class is that we all know each other and everyone wants you to do well. Also remember that you know more about your topic than anyone else and if you make a mistake no one is likely to know so keep calm and focuses.


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